Welcome to our online Worship Service!

We've designed this page to have a similar feel to our Sunday morning worship service.  Grab a coffee, gather the family and enjoy worship at your own pace by following any of the videos or links (which are underlined and orange) below.  

Our Announcement Video for this week


Songs of Praise and Worship

In the midst of this difficult season, we believe it's important to do as Psalms 150 exclaims, "Praise the Lord!"  Click on the links below to help your family engage in worship with God, our Father.

Worship Playlist for 3/29/20 (Contains all four songs for this morning)

Here are the individual songs if the playlist link doesn't work for you.

Waymaker by Passion

What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship

Goodness of God by Bethel Worship

Outcasts; Part 3: The Well-Known Woman

Check out the Youversion Event page here


Discussion questions for your family.

1.  When I look in the mirror, what do I see?

2.  In light of who Christ is, who am I?

3.  How am I drawing closer to Christ this week?

4.  What can I offer to Him?

Closing Song

Even though it's been a little different than our regular worship service, we hope you were still able to engage and connect with God today.  Please join us in the closing song linked below and have an incredible week! 

Jesus, I Surrender by Jeff Deyo