New to The Rock?

We're glad you stopped by.

The Rock Church desires to fully connect people with God and with each other.  We are also committed to being as warm and welcoming as we know how so you have the best opportunity to connect with God and with us.

What To Expect On A Visit

It's not easy going somewhere new for the first time and we totally get that.

We've intentionally created a welcoming atmosphere so you and your family can easily navigate our facility.  

We have refreshments, an Info Center for any questions you may have, as well as a safe, age-appropriate area for your kids.  We've saved a seat just for you.

Come See Us

Join us in person on Sunday morning for our 10am worship service.  

No pressure.  No need to dress up.

Just show up and be yourself.  

We've designed this with you in mind.

The Rock Church

Sundays at 10am

Map / Directions